Philosophy of our B&B LAZEN

Why choosing organic food ?

Organic food increased respect our bodies and the environment. Organic is:

·         Encourage natural stuffs (organic should be called natural, and non-biological should be called “chemical”) ... Artificial products have impacts that are not well measured, harm the environment (insecticides, fungicides, pesticides, larvicides… Homicides!) and our health (preservatives, coloring agents, benzene derivatives which are mostly carcinogens due to the conformation of this molecule)

·         Allow farmers to use 'old varieties' of plants ... industrial seed companies like Monsanto want for their "patent life" and prevent consequently farmers to reuse their seeds and be autonomous

·         Promote mixed farming, and even the "permaculture" ... The agribusiness practices monoculture for its part ... and producing a single plant variety over a large area, is both a threat to the diversity of life and the disappearance of beneficial insects, but even a threat to humans, because if a disease specifically attack this variety, we’ll no longer find resistant variant, and we’ll have a disaster…

·         Promoting the use of natural fertilizers: the use of intensive chemical fertilizers leads to devitalization and soil depletion to the point that some farmers are now almost forced to use industrial Fertilizers to continue producing! They end up being handcuffed… High yields were been promised without mentioning the long-term consequences.

·         Avoid the use of GMOs, the impact is not yet measured.


Breads with less (or no) gluten, why, how?


The food industry wanted to meet increasing demand, producing breads that rise easily, quickly, with lots of fluffy, white as snow, and suddenly ... Packed with gluten, which is a real glue, yes, glue ! So manufacturers have selected wheat varieties containing a lot of gluten, and even enriched. Gluten irritates the intestinal walls and make them more porous to molecules. Intolerances to gluten are now quite common and even allergies.


"Green Electricity"

Lazen B & B works with RENEWABLE ENERGY: We have contracted with " LogoEnercoop" who will commit as much electricity in the network as "green" as electricity consumed. However, do not squander these resources ... not only for the economy but to reduce our carbon footprint!


No TV?

It is our choice: we believe that television is a passive and too manipulative media. You have access to the internet, with information you choose, and you can interact with it. In case you miss the proper equipment, we may under certain conditions lend you a laptop.

Your part in the ecology

Are you in ready for this "eco-action": small showers (10 minutes)?

Saving water: water becoming scarce (it takes longer to clean up), the cost is considerable. In Vaucluse, the cubic meter of water costs more than 4.5 euro! Furthermore, the clean water is paid for energy, and thus "carbon footprint", and causes the decrease in the level of ground water, which dries and impoverishes the final soil (this results in loss of nutrients during heavy rains that wash these soils)

Other "green actions" : do not change your towels every day, sort waste, do not leave the bay window where the room is heated or cooled, unplug appliances that are already loaded, and so on.

Thank you for our beautiful planet!